George Brendon Sr. was a Cornwall county councillor and helped to open up Bude and North Cornwall to tourism.

For this effort and for providing a pack of hounds for the enjoyment of local sportsmen (he paid for hunt costs out of his own pocket), the community commissioned Heywood Hardy R.A. to paint a handsome portrait of the Brendon family riding to hounds.

George founded an early form of a Pension Fund, called the Death Club, to which members contributed and saved towards the cost of their eventual funeral.

George owned the local stables for his three horse-drawn coaches. In the days of sail the Lifeboat at low tide had to be dragged through the town on an enormous carriage and launched from the beach. George supplied the horses and this can be seen in a giant photograph in our Lifeboat bar.

Lifeboat Day is held the last Monday in August and is the busiest day of the year at the Brendon Arms, raising money for the RNLI with a Pasty Auction, singing etc. see link Bude Lifeboat Website

More Information

Our association with the RNLI continued over the years with two previous landlords, Desmond Gregory and Jan Pethick, being active crew members. Desmond was awarded the Gold Medal by the RNLI.

The Brendon Arms runs other charity events, including annually since 2008 the Dare to Wear Pink Day to support Breast Cancer research raising in excess of £2,000.00 each year.